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The DJ Project
Victorious represents the never ending struggle to become successful, not only in the music industry, but in life itself.

The DJ Project's ever-so-talented line up of artists come together to form one mind, one vision and one sound to bring forth their greatest accomplishment to date, Victorious!

With a powerful message in its lyrics and strong rhythm in its beat, it's sure to be a DJ Project classic.

Produced by: BigTunes, Tony V. and Tony Jazzo

Engineered and Recorded at The DJ Project Studio

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MP3's from Victorious
1 "Follow your Dreams"
3 "Believe and Succeed"

All songs 2010 The DJ Project
To obtain a copy of the CD, email:

Release Date: April 2010
Youth Participants
See Mac
Lady Vee
Tony Jazzo
Tony V
and Franquois

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