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The DJ Project

The DJ Project is an arts entrepreneurship, prevention, and employment program built on a hip-hop foundation. It uses music to engage young adults, giving them opportunities to develop in a context familiar to them. Through applied entrepreneurship, audio production, DJing, Media Messaging, job readiness training and community service, The DJ Project model is a creative learning experience for the hip-hop generation.

But The DJ Project is more than just your typical after school Hip Hop or prevention program. It's a way of life. Youth who participate in The DJ Project build a sense of their own identity through music and engagement with their peers, and grow not only as artists and business moguls, but as leaders in the community. Through an artful mix of off the chart turntablism, mad vocals, and razor sharp business acumen, The DJ Project youth are launching themselves into the tech savvy 21st Century lifestyle. We are proud of what our youth are accomplishing, and eager to support what they will become. The DJ Project - a new way of life.

Free DJ Project Classes

Free DJ Project Classes:

The DJ Project is always looking for new faces to get in on the action.
Summer Classes run June - August.
School Year Classes run from September - April.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The DJ Project family, you can download the Fall- Summer Cycle application by clicking  here

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Victorious CD
Preview MP3s of hip-hop and electronic beats from the latest DJ Project release.

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